Ash Evans is a multi media artist and designer who specializes and animals and creatures. She primarily paints digitally because if its flexibility and environmental friendliness. 

Ash has her style rooted in the realm of fantasy. Using variable techniques, mediums and genre she creates her own world a splatter of paint or a dab of pixels at a time. As a result her studio frequently looks like some sort of bomb went off in Dick Blick. 

If you wish to distract her from her work just dangle something shiny in front of her. Or perhaps a good book or a pony. Follow her on Instagram if you want to see 900 photos of her cats. 

Ash's work is collected worldwide and her images grace a spectrum of licensed products. 



My studio is not open to public viewings or visitation.

Ash Evans
PO BOX 435
Pasadena MD 21223

We fulfill orders Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm daily