Dear 2017,

I will not look fondly back at you, you flaming dumpster fire that periodically had barber hair thrown on it for good measure. I don't care if you go out with a bang or a whimper, just go. You beat me down, trolled me and screamed in my face. You took people I loved. You emotionally wrung me out until the fabric of my soul tore at the seams. 

To the factory that time and again screwed me and made me hate my job to the point where I almost quit, good luck! You set so many people and things on fire there won't be any wood to build any bridges. Enjoy your weenie roast!

To all of our factories and vendors who helped us this year, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for providing my company with the best service and products that truly delighted customers this year. 

To the friends who supported me though this nightmare I promise to be as loyal to you as you where to me if it is ever your turn to be a stressed out mess. I value you and I am grateful. To those who drifted away until the smoke cleared, I understand. But I will remember who I can take into battle with me. 

To the artists who challenged me to want to be better in 2018, thank you for handing me my ass and helping me to want to do better and be better. Thank you for inspiring me even when I wasn't making work. Thank you for being there for people during difficult times. It all made a difference. 

To my fans and loyal customers, there would be no new year for this company without you. I get to do this job every single day because of you. Your support, kind words and patronage is what keeps our doors open year after year. You are the reason I push to expand, to get out there and make just one more thing because you deserve all of that and more! 

To my Patreon Patrons, you special special people, who let me be me. I have the deepest gratitude. You made a lot of things possible, your feedback and support was unparalleled. I will endeavor always to deserve you. 

2018 please for the love of all that is holy be kinder, I have hopes for you. 

Bright blessings to you all,

Ash Evans 

Last call for the holidays!!

Hi Guys! I hope you all are doing fabulously! Just a heads up we will stop shipping for the holidays on Friday December the 15th. That is your last chance to get an order out before Christmas. You are ALWAYS welcome to place orders! 

Any orders placed after the 15th will ship in the New Year. I'm looking forward to a bit of a break for the holidays. I want to get my studio and warehouse areas cleaned and organized so I am ready to really stay productive next year. I will be updating Instagram and Patreon during my break so  be sure to check out both! 

Have a magical day!

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New vintage inspired Halloween art in progress

Hi Everyone,

I am thrilled that this years Halloween trend is leaning toward the vintage inspired or vintage reproductions. I have been scooping up new decorations like crazy and I thought I would try my had and some vintage inspired pieces. I myself collect early 1900's halloween post cards and am a huge fan of 1900-1940's Halloween pieces. 

Anyway this was also a sketch I did for Inktober last year that I had been planning on working into a new painting. 


This is very likely to be my last Halloween piece for the year. I wanted to do more but we have been really crazy here with orders and Kickstarter. 

I hope you like it!

I'm on Patreon!

Hi everyone! I wanted to announce I am on Patreon (actually have been for ages) 


I am finding it more difficult and emotionally draining to maintain a presence on social media. It is distracting, depressing and I'm to a point where I need to make changes for my own self care. I am going to be scaling back on social media, public appearances etc. Bryan, my assistant will be posting on social media for me. The only places that you will be getting me personally will be Patreon, and Instagram, and if I feel like it twitter. 

Patreon is cool because you can support me even if you have no more wall space, it gives you a special access to me and my process and you can interact with VERY nice people. MANY of whom are long time fans.

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Pre order your Mewnicorns!!!

Great news guys!! Our Mewnicorns are being finished in the USA and we will start shipping out some soon. Please note we have to put together 415 plush for our Kickstarter backers. IF you want one of these FOR Christmas please pre order. 

We will work as fast as we can to get items out but knowing sooner rather then later if it is a must  have holiday item would be best. We should have plush for purchase at Faeriecon East as well!


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Don't tap on the glass

Social media for an artist is like being a fish in an aquarium. We swim around on display hoping people think what we are doing is beautiful. If you have ever been to an aquarium or pet store you will notice many signs posted that say "Do not tap on the glass." It upsets the fish, its disturbing and loud. It reverberates through their entire world. 

Think of every offhanded comment on social media as a tap on the glass. "Oh this looks just like so and so's work" TAP! "Where can I buy this even though it is very CLEARLY listed in the post I am commenting on?" TAP! TAP! TAP! "I placed an order an hour ago, where is it??" TAP!!!!!

This generates so much noise and disturbance in my life it makes it hard to create. Screaming messages in all caps at 3am. People picking fights because abusing a stranger makes them feel better about whatever is bothering them in their lives. There is a PERSON here behind this post. A PERSON with feelings. A person who is a sister and a daughter, maybe you have one, maybe that will humanize me for you. I just had a very troubling interaction on Kickstarter with an individual who was angry because they failed to read any of my updates, or what items were actually in their tier. TAP TAP TAP TAP. 30 min+ and it all could have been avoided. This makes me feel awful.I get SICK when I think a customer is unhappy. Physically, arm numbing, heart palpitations, stomach churning SICK.  I feel like my time means nothing and that no one really values me at all. It makes me not want to be "out there" anymore, to be less personable, less accessible.

All I ask is when interacting with me or other artists on Facebook, think about what you are about to say. Are you going to make someone feel awful? Can your question be found easily? What constitutes an emergency in the art world?  Does it merit disturbing someone at 3am? If someone did or said this to you how would you feel?? We don't have to be here in public. We are here because we want to be, but if it causes constant stress and anxiety I think you will find interactions more scarce. 

Think about it before you tap on the glass.

Please and thank you,

Ash Evans  

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Dear gallerists,

Dear Gallerists far and wide around the world,

I know you are very busy but please allow me a moment of your time. I'm sure you are well versed in art history as your position requires extensive knowledge on the subject. I would like to kindly remind you once upon a time Watercolor was not considered a prestigious medium and was ranked so lowly they formed the Royal Watercolorists society? Or maybe you remember when photography was pretty low on the totem pole?

Well the new bastard everyone wants to ignore is digital. Countless galleries and group shows have said "no digital" "no digital ever" to me without even LOOKING at my work. I have been ranked lowly for juried shows because of my medium and what I ask you now isn't merit more important? Isn't the emotion it evokes more important? I have been told they only allow two digital artists because no one wants to see that kind of work. Did you know most of the time my customers have no idea what I painted a piece in? Or that they don't care because they like the art? Does medium matter? Why does it matter more if I paint with pixels vs. cow shit? Who decides what is or isn't legitimate? And to the artists taking pot shots saying their stuff is superior because its "painted by hand", shame on you! You know how hard it is to be an artist. How can you in good conscience say something like that about your peer, in a world like this, to rank yourself above us? 

Please remember that the old masters would appalled these new "traditional" artists waltz into Dick Blick instead of grinding their own pigments and that acrylic contains plastic. If you aren't getting cancer from your materials and melting your own rabbit skin glue you wouldn't be very "traditional" if we took a trip back in time but I digress. The very definition of traditional is changing in our world around us. Traditional wedding, Traditional family, Traditional values are more fluid then they used to be. Could we then argue that traditional mediums also have room for one more?

All I'm asking is maybe you adopt a don't ask, don't tell approach to medium and judge and art and artist on merit. 

Thank you kindly,

Have a wonderful day

Ash Evans 

PS I have submitted a piece to a jury two years in a row, one saying the piece was digital and one saying it was mixed media and guess which ranked higher? That is utter crap and I'm on to you. 

Formula for destruction

Dear Hollywood, comics industry, music industry and any other asshat who has the magic viral "formula" you use religiously to make garbage.

You are BROKEN. You have been breaking down over time making poor decisions after marathon pitch meetings and brain storm sessions that result in absolute trash. Basically if you think its a good idea, do the opposite. They say the fastest way to kill a good idea is to have a meeting about it. I wholeheartedly agree. Meetings are where beautiful things are broken down, stripped of their dignity, pumped full of pop references and then expelled from the sphincter of hashtags, "edge" and other buzzwords that keep you warm at night. Virality should not be a currency when it comes to creation. 

You are killing art. You are diluting genuine emotion, compelling stories and the new classics. Instead you reach for the fast cash grab of whatever reboot that didn't need to be remade but hell lets waste millions doing it poorly anyway. That kind of mentality is just greasy, safe comfort food. Sure it might taste good for a moment but you know its really bad for you. How about something new?? Different? Thought provoking? This is the new Dark Ages of entertainment and you can thank your "formulas" for it. I am sure beautiful music, scripts, ideas are flung at you every day but you toss them away because you haven't heard of them, they aren't fitting a demographic or won't go viral instantly. Stop grabbing the low hanging fruit. 

You once were the gatekeepers to the land of milk and honey but times are changing. Thanks in part to crowdfunding we don't need you anymore. We can self publish a book or fund an exciting new toy or gadget. Beautiful works are being made without you now. Good things, raw unfiltered things that don't pander to the lowest common denominator. 

There are countless comics, albums, books, toys and movies being funded every day. Oscar nominated films have been created thanks to Kickstarter. People are supporting artists directly and that is a beautiful thing. Part of the reason this is happening is because consumers are SICK to death of main stream media! Crowdfunding is so successful because people want to be a part of the process and know they are building someone up. So you keep the door bolted and your eyes tightly shut. Everyone else is just going to blow a hole in the wall. God doesn't need to open a window, our backers are just going to kick in the damn door. 

So thank you for ignoring us, we all stand to make much more money this way. I know personally moving forward in my career I will crowd fund long before I trust industry titans, agents or galleries again. All three have bent me over a time or two and I am DONE with you. I don't need to conform to "succeed" anymore and that is a rather satisfying realization. So if you are a creative person who has been told no, or to change to placate a room full of suits and it makes you want to vomit, don't. Just find another way, there are plenty. 

To everyone who funds a project, shares an article, buys a painting or a self published book you are my hero and thanks for chipping at that hole in the wall. 

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Life after Kickstarter

I have finally crawled out of the smoldering wreckage of chaos that is Kickstarter. It is an amazing roller coaster and its pretty thrilling I have inspired so many people to contribute to my artwork and making a dream come true. People keep asking me whats next like they do to those poor people who won a huge honor like a medal.. I'm not going to Disneyland. I don't have laurels to rest on and its pretty much business as usual just with more work.  I spent all of my time after the Kickstarter ended and before the money transferred prepping files so that I could order smaller items immediately when the funds transferred.

I had 11 backers drop out which was disappointing leaving us several hundred dollars short so I adjusted my final packaging options. I'm happy to say we had a Mewnicorn logo made:

We are working very hard to get the branding and packing correct prior to the plush's arrival. I am having the factory redo the sample and we are awaiting a response. As soon as we get something we will also be ordering the Stormy prototype to be made. We will have a Kickstarter for her later on. 

Today I managed to order all the promotional materials, address labels, stickers etc. For Kickstarter. As soon as they arrive I will be processing the smaller tier's items (the ones that didn't order a plush) so I can get them processed and out of the way. I get to order shipping supplies as soon as we have a prototype in hand to weigh and measure for the official dimensions.

New art will have to wait till next week, I do have some brand new hand accented prints with hand inked mats hanging the Balticon art show this weekend. After I see what sells from that I will be preparing for San Diego comic con's art show. I am still biting my nails to see if we are cool enough to take up space in the DragonCon art show. I have passed the jury but have yet to be "placed on the floor" so fingers crossed everyone.

Well I'm off to work, 

Have a magical day!

Ash Evans 

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Just Keep Swimming

To artists everywhere great and small,

We are all drifting in the sea of creativity some larger or smaller then others. I assure you there is room for everyone.  I implore you to realize we are NOT COMPETING with each other for money!! The sea is vast and endless and there is plenty for us all.  They print more every day! Just find your destined reef, live and grow! There are so many things to be afraid of in the water like predatory people and unscrupulous galleries who will take advantage of us. People stealing copyrights and the public perception that since we doodle for a living we don't deserve to be paid. Economic crisis, Copic marker shortages, postal increases and so on and so on... WORRY ABOUT THAT if you must worry about something.  We are not in the thunder dome we do not have to battle each other to survive. 

With our lives to live and our muses to satisfy (and bills to pay) do we really have the time or inclination to pull each other apart?? It takes as much energy to lift someone up as it does to yank them down and I think you should all decide very carefully which will more positively effect your life. For too long I have seen this crabs in a pot mentality where we scramble on top of each other trying to get to the top. The lids off people you don't need to fight everyone else on the way out. 

Support each other! Encourage each other. INSPIRE one another and stop this petty childish squandering of TIME and energy. You only hurt yourself when you waste it badmouthing someone or worrying about what artist X is dong. Time is the only thing we can't replenish. That and maybe the goodwill of a community or artist you decide to burn because you are feeling insecure or jealous. Wherever you are in your career everyone has been there or will be there, can't that just inspire empathy and admiration instead of jealousy and pettiness? 

Admire who is ahead of you in the race instead of being nasty. Be kind to those below you looking up, and much like Dory in the ocean of art "Just Keep Swimming." 

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Mewnicorn Kickstarter!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just in case you missed it I am running a Kickstarter for my Mewnicorn Plush!!

It has been live for 24 hours now and we are already 61% funded!! If you want to join in the fun check it out here: http://bit.ly/Mewnicorn

Even ONE dollar can help so please consider contributing. The 25.00 level gets you a plush. We have lots of amazing extras and add ons as well. There is even a stretch goal for Mewni's pal Stormy!!

Sharing is FREE and imperative for a successful Kickstarter Campaign!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!! 

The Con Con

I love conventions!! You guys read about my outdoor woes and I said indoor shows from here on out. I love them, I love people, I love seeing crazy costumes and hearing awesome music and seeing all sorts of things you can't see anywhere else. I will blog about my con experiences as they happen this year and have tips and what have you but today I want to talk about the cautionary whale if you will.

I want to talk about conventions that are bullshit. All good shows are illusions but you need to sort out the glitter from the glass. Today I want to talk about the ones that lie about their numbers to attract unsuspecting vendors, they charge patrons, vendors and everyone WAY too much based on their numbers. Its the Con con. People who do a lot of shows have stumbled across this once or twice and people who have only done one show may not have even know it happened to them! Some people do one show, do really terribly and never try again. Sometimes it is your fault, sometimes its the shows.

Sometimes a show just isn't good. Sometimes its a fluke, a weather event or a scheduling conflict can impact the show. First time shows have a lot of growing pains but the good ones will LEARN from experiences, take CRITICISM constructively and adapt to their audience and vendors needs.  Some shows out and out refuse to succumb to anything that isn't their vision. They will waste time, money and make excuses. Its your money they are spending so who cares right?? Vendors help finance a show, ticket sales do too. A successful show has a minimum of a 40% returning vendor ratio. Pay attention to that if you are considering a show. See if people keep coming back. GO to the show first if you can. Ask people vending there how long they have been doing the show. Crappy shows will generally have a revolving door of newbies who don't know any better. They see other artists there get sucked in and the cycle goes on and on. Most people give a unknown show a three strike rule meaning they will try it three times before completely writing a show off. I only recommend this under the right circumstances of course. People responding year three or higher consistently is promising. Ask the show what their reported numbers are, use common sense to see if they are lying. I did a show two years ago where the vendor next to me was told the attendance was 20,000 people!! The reality was three thousand was generous. They were from out of state so it was easy for them to take the shows word for it. In fact that gross over estimation in writing could have been construed as fraud and I personally would have pursued it but the vendor let it slide. This HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. You let it slide and someone else gets taken for a ride.

Lets talk about how they can lie without lying. Some shows count attendees as one person per ticket held. So if you have a four day pass you are four people. If you have event tickets to an after hours show sometimes that counts as another person. Staff counted as people. Volunteers people, Vendors and all the spaces they are permitted to occupy (like if your booth comes with 4 passes that is four people at the show even if you bring two) This is why I recommend going to the show yourself. Or look at photos. Look closely. Are the SAME people in all the damn shots?? Guess what its poorly attended. Use common sense when sussing out attendance for yourself. Also places all have occupancy maximums. Ask the hotel or what have you what that is. Any staff member can get that information for you, it takes a three min phone call. If the numbers don't match the VENUE won't allow overages so chances are they con is lying. That venue that boasted 20,000?? That hotel couldn't house that in a ballroom. A simple call to that hotel would have saved them a cross country trip. Don't ask show STAFFS opinion they are paid to be there and to tell you its great and could get fired if they say otherwise.

Also become aware of what other shows are charging for the same space. You wouldn't buy a car without research and you shouldn't invest your businesses money without due diligence. Rates will vary by region, show size and venue but having something to compare it to is a good starting point.

Consider WHY you want to do that particular show. Is it because your favorite famous artist is there? Is it because it looks like ever so much fun? PLEASE separate FEELINGS from FINANCE. Sure you want to have a good time but don't let the glitter get in your eyes. A fair bit of shows PAY for the artists/entertainers/authors to BE there to draw people in, including you. Think don't feel. It is so easy to get all fangirly because OMG she's here!! Don't!

If you are at a show look at the people. Be aware of the mood. Are vendors smiling and happy or do they look exasperated and sullen. For vendors money is a social lubricant, the more they are making the happier and more outgoing they generally are. Are they all reading books, needle pointing, sketching. All of them?? Guess what that means its slow. Slow means no sales.

The last big fat old red flag that a show is bad news: They voraciously defend themselves and threaten people who criticize the event. They are there with every comment saying something sunny, threatening to sue or refuting the claim. They will delete all negative comments and ban any "trouble makers" ANYONE who feels the need to constantly keep doing that has something to hide. I have had personal experience with this myself. I had done a show two days after my grandmother died. I had fans coming in from the UK, Canada and out of state to see me so I could NOT cancel. It was a tough show. After the fact I thanked everyone publicly taking special note to the volunteers who did so much for nothing. Like they weren't given a bottle of water or a sandwich.. And the show head had to butt in on my PERSONAL Facebook page to have a go at me. That is unprofessional and anyone that obsessed with controlling spin is bad news. Google the show after the fact and read some blog posts and see what people have to say and what is really going on. Look for real blogs, not the shows Facebook page or something they can control or edit.

As a whole I would say about 95% of my convention experiences have been AMAZING. 100% of them have TAUGHT ME something! Failing is a positive thing if you learn from it. If you get duped don't beat yourself up. Live, Learn and have a magical experience. You can do this!!



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Why I don't do outdoor shows anymore

Hi Everyone,

Its that time again, the time where people start inquiring about my show schedule and if I will be doing some of the outdoor shows and festivals in May. Unfortunately the answer is no. Outdoor shows in spring especially, in this region are something we no longer want to contend with. I hate to disappoint and it is nothing personal to the venues but for my business and the way we run things it is not conducive to being happy and comfortable in an outdoor environment. Outdoor vendors make it all look easy, I applaud them and their willingness to battle the elements but I've reached a point in my career where I don't have to do them. We prefer a more structured, indoor environment not beholden to Mother Nature. I am selling art, all prints are on paper and paper hates being outside.

Being outside poses a lot of problems for any vendor. It is 10x worse for someone with materials that are sensitive to the elements! Humidity, dirt, MUD, rain, extreme heat are ALL terrible for original art and prints and this region has those things in abundance especially in the spring. Everything is bagged but that doesn't stop condensation in extreme humidity resulting in piles of ruined prints. I stopped bringing original art to an outdoor show after one tent panel failed and soaked a watercolor, it went in the trash.

One show is especially known for mud. The weekend we vended was no exception 2 inches or more deep by the time load out happened. We had SO many things ruined by mud despite carpeting the entire 10x10 booth and setting things on tarps. The car had to be professionally cleaned some table cloths were completely ruined. I spent weeks bleaching tent walls to get the mud stains out, bleach scrub repeat, bleach scrub repeat. We had to hose off ALL the tables, displays, tarps, shoes you name it, it was CAKED in mud. This show also allows dogs. One of which took a hearty PISS all over my print rack, I had a stack of urine soaked prints no one paid for. They handed me ONE Kleenex and said oh this isn't my dog. After that dog "broke the seal" EVERY dog who entered my tent tried to pee in the same spot, the result 30 prints in the trash and a tent that reeked of dog piss. I got to sleep there for two nights.  For those of you at home tallying that is about 300.00 in just dog piss damage. Extreme heat has happened as well. One show it crept up to 108 degrees, we both got sun stroke and almost ended up in the hospital even though we barely crept out of the tent.

Rainy days mean less revenue, they also mean more mud. We had someone slip and fall in front of our tent at a venue (even though we BEGGED them for hay three times) and threaten to sue us. It was not a good day all around. Pollen blows and coats everything, print bags, framed art all if it needs to be cleaned and wiped. Bringing me to point 2.

My partner is SERIOUSLY allergic to pollen, ragweed, plants and grasses. He suffered through 5 years of outdoor shows, four weekends out of the month with severe breathing issues, inability to sleep, hives, rashes and extreme pain. People want to drape him in greenery and make him a part of the festivities which is great if you aren't STUPID allergic to plants. May was like his private hell and eventually I said enough was enough. All of the pollen coated things are then brought into our home making the problem even worse and requiring a lot of work and care to remedy. His breathing wouldn't clear up until mid June.  I can't do a show like this on my own and its just not fair to do this to him when I have reached a point in my career when I don't have to.

One of the reasons I can't do the show on my own is because we have experienced a HIGH volume of theft at outdoor shows. My first show at a venue a 300.00 print bin was stolen during load out despite having my name, address, phone number all over it. The last outdoor show we did (the final straw if you will) there was a storm, a fast and bad one. We were situated at an ANGLE on a hill rendering my tent a 10x10 kite. We of course let patrons shelter in it during the pouring rain. Despite 4 screw downs, weights and stakes we were literally hanging onto the top bars trying to keep it from blowing away. During this time the sheltering patrons proceeded to steal several original sculpted ornaments and other merchandise totaling over 200.00. I've never done an outdoor show where I wasn't stolen from despite having a two, sometimes 3 man crew. Unless I can pay for security, I am not doing this anymore. Yes we have had theft at other shows but not in the staggering volume of outdoor events.

Most of these events also encourage or require costumes, booth decor, etc etc. to make it more magical and while I am all for that its expensive.  Here's something I bet you didn't think of tulle, is so pretty and fairy like but it TRAPS BUGS. I have had to throw out so much insect laden tulle it gives me nightmares. I also take meetings at shows and I don't feel comfortable banging out a licensing deal in a tutu. I'm a woman that paints pink happy things and am barely taken seriously as it is. I need to be in business attire or somethingat least suitable for that sort of thing. In costume I've had people yell at me or hand me trash because they thought I was staff and not a vendor. Its just not my thing anymore.

While the community at these things are outstanding and the people are BEYOND lovely and gracious I just can't participate in a working capacity. A lot of people see it as a reunion or summer camp where they get to catch up and play with their friends. I'm the odd duck that is there for work and to see my fans. For people that truly know me I'm all business 100% of the time at a show. This is how I eat. I don't have fun because I am stressing about the weather, sales, theft and mud. If I lived in a more predictable climate like San Diego I'd do outdoor way more often but here its just too changeable.

Every weekend there is an outdoor show we have offered free shipping to attendees who have missed us and we intend to do the same again this year. I am looking to book more indoor shows and I do have a meet n greet in Maryland MANY MANY times a year for people to pick up stuff for free and have the same experience at a show. I actually prefer smaller more intimate gatherings because I don't have to look over your shoulder while listening to you to keep an eye on my booth, I don't have to sort of dismiss you because there is a line and I can focus on YOU, your questions and get to know you as a person and not a face of many in a blur of days. I hope you all understand. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of you. I just want to love you inside ;)


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Samhain complete!

I was able to wrap up my concept art for an upcoming project the other day. I hope you all like it. I do have prints available. I do have several other characters for this project so keep an eye out here and on social media for updates and news.

I was able to also finish a mini painting. My goal is to do at least one a mont. This one is for January 2016. It has sold already to one of my amazing Patreon Patrons. My patrons get first dibs on originals and LE items!! 

If you want more information on Patreon and how you can get cool perks like free glitter print accenting and first dibs on originals click here: Patreon

Polar Bear

I am currently working on one for February as well!! Here is the WIP, there is still a long way to go! It will be available the first week in February barring a Patron purchasing it first. 

Valentine's Day fox

I have a lot of projects I would like to work on this year as well as some shows I would like to attend. As things become more solidified I will keep you all up to date!


Thanks for reading!!


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