Then and now

I have SO many painting ideas for this year, a few of them are concepts from the past I would like to revisit now. My skill level has improved so drastically I find myself really uncomfortable with my old work. I want to retire a lot of it ASAP and just paint it again! I think this may be a vicious cycle as time goes on but oh well. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I did a four seasons unicorns series, embarrassingly enough my mom has them framed in her living room. I think they are AWFUL but she won't take them down so my only choice now is to repaint them in the hopes she likes these better. These unicorns will have more of an art nouveau flair to them and I am starting to lay them out now. I have one sketched out and it is the spring piece. I guess I am dreaming of finer weather! 

spring nouveau.jpg

And here it is next to the original piece titled Spring Awakening, I may keep the same titles and I hope that isn't too confusing but I haven't decided yet

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