A year end review

This year was an intense one for me. One with massive changes and massive opportunity. Looking back now its startling to see how different my life is now compared to last year. I am grateful for the lessons I learned along the way and I am especially grateful for the amazing support my friends and fans have showed me.

This year I managed to create 40 painted works of varying mediums, design 9 pins for GofundMe and have them made as well as several sets of hand sculpted ornaments. Considering the first half of the year yielded an international move and a drastic life change I don't think that is too bad at all.

I was able to attend San Diego Comic con for the first time and show my art and it did very well there. I was able to pass the DragonCon jury and attend for the first time in several years and had my best show ever. I've made new fans and new contacts and have grown my business considerably. 

I want to thank my Patreon Patrons especially for their generous support this year. You guys helped me acquire some new supplies to replace ones that didn't survive the trip back well, a new PO box so people don't come to my house, a Square Kiosk for faster processing at shows AND a new FLUSH flat bed scanner/wireless printer which is so amazing it is going to change how I do work in the future! We are able to wirelessly print invoices from anywhere in the house which will make shipping and fulfillment SO much easier I can't even tell you how happy I am about it.

For every single fan that has left a comment or made a purchase this year THANK YOU. You all single handedly fund my dream of being an artist and that is a gift that I can't articulate how grateful I am for. 

Moving forward we will be making improvements to the company, to our equipment and how we run things. We will be making efforts to reduce waste more then ever before and streamline our process for faster shipping. I have a LOT of projects in the pipeline this year. This will severely limit my ability to attend and vend at shows but I will make an effort to do at least three. Please check my events schedule for up to date appearance schedules. 

All in all as the business draws to a close for the year I will be happy for some down time to reflect on what has passed and what has yet to come. I hope all of you and your families have a most wonderful holiday and I wish you all the BRIGHTEST blessings in the new year. Keep an eye out for new things. We have some very exciting projects, art and products in the pipeline for 2015. I am sure it will be our best year ever.

Thank you all

Unicorn Hugs

Ash Evans 

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