You plan and the gods laugh

Things have a way of completely unravelling even after carefully cultivated plans. Presently I am sitting in a torn apart room staring at the chaos I now have to pack. I have abruptly lost my home here in England and now have no choice but to leave. Leaving America took months of planning and I have been given days to replicate the same feat in days. I am afraid to fly with my geriatric dog and my boxes are going to take over 12 weeks to get to me because I had to do sea freight because it was the cheapest and they got their quote in first. 

England is a beautiful place. It is full of a lot of beautiful things and wonderful people who I have only sadly met in dire need in the past few days. I want to thank the complete stranger who bought me a drink after I started crying in the charity shop because I had to get rid of a bunch of my stuff because I can't ship it home. I haven't slept in a few days and I am just spent. 

I will be returning to the States in two weeks. Everything is open as always because I don't do my own order fulfillment. I have a figurine guy and a print gal and they do an amazing job. Art is on hiatus because I am packing and trying to get everything together. After I recover from jet lag and the bitch slap that was this experience it will be business as usual. I will finish up the Zodicat and Unicorn Nouveau series and then move onto other projects.

I may do DragonCon. 

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