For Clarity

I venomously resent the fact that I have to type this blog post but for crystal clarity on some issues that have come to my attention (and I have had to address in the middle of what was supposed to be a painting day, that I was now robbed of). 

In case there was ever a shadow of a doubt, ALL licenses, collaborative artists and business associates I work with are listed on my website. Any other persons or businesses purporting to be associated with me and their practices or dealings are misrepresenting myself and my brand. If I find unauthorized persons or businesses infringing on my copyright or committing slander or liable, I assure you they will be pursued to the fullest extent the law allows. If you find any copyright infringement PLEASE do not intercede on my behalf! Email me, as I have an attorney that deals with this sort of thing. If you ever have any question about the validity of a product or a claim (because I DO have products out there) feel free to email me directly at DO NOT ENGAGE with any individuals on my behalf. Sometimes it will actually hurt a valid legal case. 

I am creating an employee page so you know who does and does NOT work for me, any persons saying they do and you don't see their smiling face on that page is completely FULL of crap! If you are ever approached by someone claiming to work for or with me and they are not a licensor, my agent or my employee notify me immediately. Speaking on behalf of my company or pretending to be an associate of mine is criminal liable which is a class 6 felony!

Again I am sorry for any confusion that has been created at this time, sometimes as part of a business you have to deal with undesirable circumstances. 

Unicorn Hugs,

Ash Evans 

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