San Diego Comic con

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder I personally leave in one week for San Diego for Comic con. Be sure to follow the Unic0rnQueen on Instagram to follow my whereabouts and activities. I will try to post as frequently as I can. My pets are having their "grandparents" move in and stay with them so that they have round the clock care. My poor Mischief will not be happy though.

There will be some order delay from July 21-28 th as I will be in San Diego and I have given everyone else time off so no orders will be processed or shipped during that time. Please note you can place an order any time 24/7 but we will be unavailable to process,ship or answer customer service inquiries. Also note that there could be a delay in shipping when I get back due to the back log of orders. We will work as hard as we can to get everything packed and shipped in a timely manner. If you would like to get an order out before I leave the LAST day to do that is Thursday July 17th. 

For Con attendees: I will have two panels in the art show with hand accented OOAK matted prints. Lucky number 13/250 of my Bub Nouveau print will also be at the show. I WILL be there but have decided not to set up a meet up, this is my FIRST vacation(ish) since 2007 and while I will be working to some extent every day with meetings and some other things I will for the most part will be trying to enjoy myself. 

After the con I will be working STRICTLY on DragonCon and the art show. I have 6 original paintings to complete and a lot of other things to do to prepare myself for the show. After that show has concluded I will be working on Fortuna the cat up until Christmas and then we close for the holidays. 

I'm really excited to be going to Comic con and having my art there! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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