Tealie Pins are in!




Thanks to our latest GoFundMe venture I have been able to manufacture our monster pin Tealie! All pre orders have shipped and should be arriving in peoples mail boxes as we speak. 

Lucky Cat

The results are in for the next round and Grape Lucky cat is the winner! We will be pushing funding for it in July but we did set up a link early just in case you are in the mood to get the party started early!! Link is at http://www/gofundme.com/luckycat 

We have a stretch goal of getting an additional pin the Traditional Lucky cat if we go 300.00 over goal. 

In art news I am currently wrapping up a new piece called Fly By Night. It should be completed Friday at the latest. I am also getting ready to send my work to SDCC for the art show! There are 20 pieces total and I will be posting an image a day on Twitter since we are only 20 days away from the show! 



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