My current project

Right now I am working on what is to date the largest project of my career. I'm so out of my depth I am actually taking supplemental instruction after work and leisure time from 11 pm to 1 am every morning. 

Right now I am developing a cast of characters and really trying to understand them so I can stylize them into something really magical. I am even studying ensemble casts in movies and TV so I am watching a lot of The Office, Seinfeld, Friends and a bunch more just so I can understand the components that make successful casts. It is SO time consuming but I am hoping the finished project is something really worth while. 

Prior to my deciding to take classes I started on this:

But after my first sessions I am having big doubts about the whole thing so I am scrapping the painting and starting over. I think there will be many revisions and editing in my future. 

If I am quiet on media and in the production of art I am very sorry. I will try my hardest to do additional work but currently my day is:

Wake up, Social Media, breakfast, take care of all my animals, Emails, fill orders, take a class, lunch, work trough dinner take a three hour break and take classes from 11-1 am and then do it all again the next day.


Its crazy!!

BUT I wanted to remind you our GoFundMe is almost at 100% funding!! We are 82.00 away from our first pin!!

Don't forget we also have a color variant stretch goal as well!!!

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