SDCC and our new Stretch goal for GoFundME!!

Hi everyone, San Diego Comic con is in full swing!! I know today is mostly about snapping up those exclusive but if you are in the Sails Pavillion be sure to check out my stuff in the art show! Its a great show and there is never a 4 hour line for it!! 

If you swing by do let me know! Next year we are planning on getting a big time booth in the Exhibit hall so stay tuned for details. We LOVE SDCC and all the great new friends we meet there. Be safe, stay hydrated and BREATHE its a lot to take in!!

In other news we hit our first funding goal for our new Lucky Cat pin design!! I ordered the purple kitty pins today and now we are going to the second most popular Traditional! It was such a close race I just had to try and get you guys both!! Two is always more fun!!

Here is a preview of the stretch goal pin!

We are still taking pre orders for the Purple pin so don't worry if you haven't gotten him yet. We close those out last day of July! If we get 266.00 more dollars everyone is getting the traditional pin FREE!! With free shipping and a free pin in the mix its a BIG incentive for you guys this go round. To pre order check out

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week and I have some cool new stuff in the works so stay tuned. If you wandered over here as a result of San Diego Comic con welcome!! So happy to have you here.

Unicorn hugs


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