Formula for destruction

Dear Hollywood, comics industry, music industry and any other asshat who has the magic viral "formula" you use religiously to make garbage.

You are BROKEN. You have been breaking down over time making poor decisions after marathon pitch meetings and brain storm sessions that result in absolute trash. Basically if you think its a good idea, do the opposite. They say the fastest way to kill a good idea is to have a meeting about it. I wholeheartedly agree. Meetings are where beautiful things are broken down, stripped of their dignity, pumped full of pop references and then expelled from the sphincter of hashtags, "edge" and other buzzwords that keep you warm at night. Virality should not be a currency when it comes to creation. 

You are killing art. You are diluting genuine emotion, compelling stories and the new classics. Instead you reach for the fast cash grab of whatever reboot that didn't need to be remade but hell lets waste millions doing it poorly anyway. That kind of mentality is just greasy, safe comfort food. Sure it might taste good for a moment but you know its really bad for you. How about something new?? Different? Thought provoking? This is the new Dark Ages of entertainment and you can thank your "formulas" for it. I am sure beautiful music, scripts, ideas are flung at you every day but you toss them away because you haven't heard of them, they aren't fitting a demographic or won't go viral instantly. Stop grabbing the low hanging fruit. 

You once were the gatekeepers to the land of milk and honey but times are changing. Thanks in part to crowdfunding we don't need you anymore. We can self publish a book or fund an exciting new toy or gadget. Beautiful works are being made without you now. Good things, raw unfiltered things that don't pander to the lowest common denominator. 

There are countless comics, albums, books, toys and movies being funded every day. Oscar nominated films have been created thanks to Kickstarter. People are supporting artists directly and that is a beautiful thing. Part of the reason this is happening is because consumers are SICK to death of main stream media! Crowdfunding is so successful because people want to be a part of the process and know they are building someone up. So you keep the door bolted and your eyes tightly shut. Everyone else is just going to blow a hole in the wall. God doesn't need to open a window, our backers are just going to kick in the damn door. 

So thank you for ignoring us, we all stand to make much more money this way. I know personally moving forward in my career I will crowd fund long before I trust industry titans, agents or galleries again. All three have bent me over a time or two and I am DONE with you. I don't need to conform to "succeed" anymore and that is a rather satisfying realization. So if you are a creative person who has been told no, or to change to placate a room full of suits and it makes you want to vomit, don't. Just find another way, there are plenty. 

To everyone who funds a project, shares an article, buys a painting or a self published book you are my hero and thanks for chipping at that hole in the wall. 

Ashley EvansComment