Life after Kickstarter

I have finally crawled out of the smoldering wreckage of chaos that is Kickstarter. It is an amazing roller coaster and its pretty thrilling I have inspired so many people to contribute to my artwork and making a dream come true. People keep asking me whats next like they do to those poor people who won a huge honor like a medal.. I'm not going to Disneyland. I don't have laurels to rest on and its pretty much business as usual just with more work.  I spent all of my time after the Kickstarter ended and before the money transferred prepping files so that I could order smaller items immediately when the funds transferred.

I had 11 backers drop out which was disappointing leaving us several hundred dollars short so I adjusted my final packaging options. I'm happy to say we had a Mewnicorn logo made:

We are working very hard to get the branding and packing correct prior to the plush's arrival. I am having the factory redo the sample and we are awaiting a response. As soon as we get something we will also be ordering the Stormy prototype to be made. We will have a Kickstarter for her later on. 

Today I managed to order all the promotional materials, address labels, stickers etc. For Kickstarter. As soon as they arrive I will be processing the smaller tier's items (the ones that didn't order a plush) so I can get them processed and out of the way. I get to order shipping supplies as soon as we have a prototype in hand to weigh and measure for the official dimensions.

New art will have to wait till next week, I do have some brand new hand accented prints with hand inked mats hanging the Balticon art show this weekend. After I see what sells from that I will be preparing for San Diego comic con's art show. I am still biting my nails to see if we are cool enough to take up space in the DragonCon art show. I have passed the jury but have yet to be "placed on the floor" so fingers crossed everyone.

Well I'm off to work, 

Have a magical day!

Ash Evans 

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