Dear gallerists,

Dear Gallerists far and wide around the world,

I know you are very busy but please allow me a moment of your time. I'm sure you are well versed in art history as your position requires extensive knowledge on the subject. I would like to kindly remind you once upon a time Watercolor was not considered a prestigious medium and was ranked so lowly they formed the Royal Watercolorists society? Or maybe you remember when photography was pretty low on the totem pole?

Well the new bastard everyone wants to ignore is digital. Countless galleries and group shows have said "no digital" "no digital ever" to me without even LOOKING at my work. I have been ranked lowly for juried shows because of my medium and what I ask you now isn't merit more important? Isn't the emotion it evokes more important? I have been told they only allow two digital artists because no one wants to see that kind of work. Did you know most of the time my customers have no idea what I painted a piece in? Or that they don't care because they like the art? Does medium matter? Why does it matter more if I paint with pixels vs. cow shit? Who decides what is or isn't legitimate? And to the artists taking pot shots saying their stuff is superior because its "painted by hand", shame on you! You know how hard it is to be an artist. How can you in good conscience say something like that about your peer, in a world like this, to rank yourself above us? 

Please remember that the old masters would appalled these new "traditional" artists waltz into Dick Blick instead of grinding their own pigments and that acrylic contains plastic. If you aren't getting cancer from your materials and melting your own rabbit skin glue you wouldn't be very "traditional" if we took a trip back in time but I digress. The very definition of traditional is changing in our world around us. Traditional wedding, Traditional family, Traditional values are more fluid then they used to be. Could we then argue that traditional mediums also have room for one more?

All I'm asking is maybe you adopt a don't ask, don't tell approach to medium and judge and art and artist on merit. 

Thank you kindly,

Have a wonderful day

Ash Evans 

PS I have submitted a piece to a jury two years in a row, one saying the piece was digital and one saying it was mixed media and guess which ranked higher? That is utter crap and I'm on to you.