Dear 2017,

I will not look fondly back at you, you flaming dumpster fire that periodically had barber hair thrown on it for good measure. I don't care if you go out with a bang or a whimper, just go. You beat me down, trolled me and screamed in my face. You took people I loved. You emotionally wrung me out until the fabric of my soul tore at the seams. 

To the factory that time and again screwed me and made me hate my job to the point where I almost quit, good luck! You set so many people and things on fire there won't be any wood to build any bridges. Enjoy your weenie roast!

To all of our factories and vendors who helped us this year, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for providing my company with the best service and products that truly delighted customers this year. 

To the friends who supported me though this nightmare I promise to be as loyal to you as you where to me if it is ever your turn to be a stressed out mess. I value you and I am grateful. To those who drifted away until the smoke cleared, I understand. But I will remember who I can take into battle with me. 

To the artists who challenged me to want to be better in 2018, thank you for handing me my ass and helping me to want to do better and be better. Thank you for inspiring me even when I wasn't making work. Thank you for being there for people during difficult times. It all made a difference. 

To my fans and loyal customers, there would be no new year for this company without you. I get to do this job every single day because of you. Your support, kind words and patronage is what keeps our doors open year after year. You are the reason I push to expand, to get out there and make just one more thing because you deserve all of that and more! 

To my Patreon Patrons, you special special people, who let me be me. I have the deepest gratitude. You made a lot of things possible, your feedback and support was unparalleled. I will endeavor always to deserve you. 

2018 please for the love of all that is holy be kinder, I have hopes for you. 

Bright blessings to you all,

Ash Evans