Celestial Kitty Progress update
Celestial Kitty WIP

With all of the snow I had plenty of time to work on my character design and this piece. Both will be finished pretty soon. I had a lot of fun painting the moonstones on her necklace for sure. This piece pushed me to do a lot of things I have never done and that is what this year is going to be all about for me. 

I hope you like her!! 

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Works in progress

Hi Everyone! I am currently buried under tons of snow!! We are expecting yet another foot, it is perfect painting weather and as long as the power holds I will be working. I have two new pieces I am working one. Once is a character design for an upcoming larger scale project. It is different from my normal work but I'm really happy doing something outside of my comfort zone. Frankly I'm bored with the status quo.

He is not complete yet but I hope to finish it soon

He is not complete yet but I hope to finish it soon

Also I am working on a more commercial celestial kitty

Celestial kitty WIP

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New art releases

Hi Everyone,

I have two new pieces to share with you. One was completed in 2015 and I couldn't share it until 78 Tarot debuted it. I was chosen this year to paint the Page of Wands and it is for the new upcoming Carnival themed deck. 

Page of Wands

There will be a Kickstarter for the deck later on this year and I will post more information on it as soon as I have it. In the mean time you can purchase prints from my Oracle and Tarot section on the website!

Now onto a more seasonal selection. I will be doing two special Valentines Day kitties this year. One will be pro and one will be anti because I feel like the latter gets left out more often then not. 

I did finish Love Sux today. I hope you like him!!

Love Sux

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Love Sux work in progress

Hi Everyone,

I am getting some artwork ready for Valentines day! I sketched out two pieces one pro and one anti Valentines day as to make everyone happy!

Valentines day Cat

This is the sketch for the pro Valentine's Day sketch. It will be a white Persian with conversation hearts. 

   Love Sux


Love Sux

I am a little further along on this one! I started them both today but am hoping to have him finished up sometime soon. 


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On Everest

As I am about to reopen in the new year on the 5th, I am feeling reflective about the year before. 2015 started as a big year for me, but in the end I broke even. Large triumphs were met with large disappointments in equal measure. The Wheel spun and what was given to me was also taken away in kind. I had not broadcast much as there wasn't anything to say and no one ever really wants to brag about failure because that shatters the illusion that we are perfect people painting perfect lives.

I was offered an opportunity to expand Fortuna the cats world in a potential animated feature but in the end walked away from the project. I could over simplify and not take responsibility, but the bottom line was (and excuse my lack of delicacy in the matter) I felt like a prostitute.  I was fed to the money machine intent on riches myself and in the end felt so cheap and dirty I got off the soiled mattress of what was something beautiful and walked out. They wanted me to be a fake person on youtube pretending to love pop culture and sell things I didn't give a crap about to get hits, to get likes, and to be "viral and edgy"  I was told to pander to the masses and "be a bad girl" because everyone LOVES that. They wanted me to compromise to the point of being compromising and they wanted me to do it with a smile and a thank you very much. I felt violated, and gross and angry with myself for allowing this to happen. So I left and a lot of people told me I was stupid for doing so. These were THE gate keepers I have been waiting for!!

Here's the thing. There is no gatekeeper to my career, or your career or to anything or anyone you want in your life. If you keep waiting for that agent, that licensing deal or whatever else you need to feel validated you are going to waste your life. In the end most of the "successes" you need to define your career will mainly feed your ego and rarely feed your soul or your bank account. They say it takes a village and you need a Tenzing Norgay to climb Everest. Here is the thing about sherpas they don't tell you about in the brochure: If you say, break your leg and its in their best interest they WILL leave you to die. Everest is littered with dead bodies. The take away from all of this is the only person who has your ultimate best interests for YOUR career is YOU. Everyone else will cut your rope to save themselves. Do NOT rely on others and give away your power and sense "because they know better" That is utter bullshit.  You are the only person who can make you, who can break you and who can set your limits. People purporting to be magic key masters need something from YOU not the other way around because you see, its not in their best interest to be charitable in business. There are so many of you looking to others for a leg up, for advice or looking all around you trying to break into the business. You are wasting your time. You need to be a self starter, use that hand you have out asking for something to grab the thing you want. It takes work, dedication and sacrifice and YOU have to do the time. Shortcuts are earned and not given. You want the moon? Fantastic go get it. You expect the moon? No you fail and you will continue to fail because life, the community and the world owe you nothing. 

This year I don't give a crap about looking for that golden key, I have all the tools I need for success right now. Everything I have lived, learned and encountered in my life is leading up to this moment where I break out of the limits I have allowed to be set. I don't want ANY of you reading this to be discouraged because you haven't been ushered past the velvet rope. There isn't one. The rope is a lie. The rope is an excuse you use to hold YOURSELF back. Don't give yourself a rope to hang yourself with. Just do it. Grab it! Be the thing you want to be and don't blame anyone or anything else for your lack of success. 

Climb your own Everest. No one else cares as much as you do if you make it to the summit. 


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Halloween Petite paintings!

I had so much fun doing these little guys!! Unfortunately they sold before I could blog about them but I wanted to show them off to you because we will have more mini paintings soon!!

SOLD and off to a new home tomorrow!!      

SOLD and off to a new home tomorrow!!



SOLD and off to its new home in Australia!!

SOLD and off to its new home in Australia!!

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Halloween Petite painting

Hi Everyone!

Today I am working on another little petite painting for you guys!! This time a little Halloween kitty. I hope you like him. He will be available for sale as soon as he is finished

Halloween Cat

I am going to try and make little painting available from time to time so I can learn acrylic paints and offer you guys affordable originals. I have SO much stuff planned so stay tuned!

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Fortuna Petite painting!

I finished a little piece yesterday (My Patrons saw it first) It was my very first Fortuna original piece as the rest of them are always digital. 6x6 mixed media piece on hard wood panel. He is sold already, one of my awesome Patrons snapped him up. One of the perks of being a patron is first dibs on originals as well as complimentary glitter accenting on prints. I have two other mini panels left and I will be working on another one this week along with the lucky cat. I am also trying to map out some more Fortuna digital pieces including a limited edition fun piece for the fall. 


To check out Patreon follow this link: http://www.patreon.com/AshEvans

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Retiring print list

As I continue to grow, evolve and target other markets I need to start letting some things go. This means we will be retiring some images this year. We are retiring the following

August 1st:

  1. Bright Blessings
  2. Fortuna Cameo
  3. Hocus Pocus
  4. Magic
  5. Angel Fur
  6. Celtic Stag
  7. New Beginnings 

There will be more changes and retirements in the beginning of the year as well.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on updates.




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SDCC and our new Stretch goal for GoFundME!!

Hi everyone, San Diego Comic con is in full swing!! I know today is mostly about snapping up those exclusive but if you are in the Sails Pavillion be sure to check out my stuff in the art show! Its a great show and there is never a 4 hour line for it!! 

If you swing by do let me know! Next year we are planning on getting a big time booth in the Exhibit hall so stay tuned for details. We LOVE SDCC and all the great new friends we meet there. Be safe, stay hydrated and BREATHE its a lot to take in!!

In other news we hit our first funding goal for our new Lucky Cat pin design!! I ordered the purple kitty pins today and now we are going to the second most popular Traditional! It was such a close race I just had to try and get you guys both!! Two is always more fun!!

Here is a preview of the stretch goal pin!

We are still taking pre orders for the Purple pin so don't worry if you haven't gotten him yet. We close those out last day of July! If we get 266.00 more dollars everyone is getting the traditional pin FREE!! With free shipping and a free pin in the mix its a BIG incentive for you guys this go round. To pre order check out http://www.gofundme.com/luckycat

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week and I have some cool new stuff in the works so stay tuned. If you wandered over here as a result of San Diego Comic con welcome!! So happy to have you here.

Unicorn hugs


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My current project

Right now I am working on what is to date the largest project of my career. I'm so out of my depth I am actually taking supplemental instruction after work and leisure time from 11 pm to 1 am every morning. 

Right now I am developing a cast of characters and really trying to understand them so I can stylize them into something really magical. I am even studying ensemble casts in movies and TV so I am watching a lot of The Office, Seinfeld, Friends and a bunch more just so I can understand the components that make successful casts. It is SO time consuming but I am hoping the finished project is something really worth while. 

Prior to my deciding to take classes I started on this:

But after my first sessions I am having big doubts about the whole thing so I am scrapping the painting and starting over. I think there will be many revisions and editing in my future. 

If I am quiet on media and in the production of art I am very sorry. I will try my hardest to do additional work but currently my day is:

Wake up, Social Media, breakfast, take care of all my animals, Emails, fill orders, take a class, lunch, work trough dinner take a three hour break and take classes from 11-1 am and then do it all again the next day.


Its crazy!!

BUT I wanted to remind you our GoFundMe is almost at 100% funding!! We are 82.00 away from our first pin!!

Don't forget we also have a color variant stretch goal as well!!! http://www.gofundme.com/luckycat

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Lucky Cat pin GoFundMe

Wow guys we are only 247.00 away from funding for the grape kitty pin!! That is just awesome! The sooner we hit the goal the faster we can order the pins. We also have a stretch goal for a traditionally colored lucky cat pin! If we hit our goal everyone who orders gets the variation free!! Please share our project, the more the merrier!! Thank you all!! http://www.gofundme.com/luckycat

Here is our stretch goal pin mock up: 

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Work in progress
Frame WIP

 Today I spent designing and painting this carved wood frame for a new set of character paintings! Soon you will be introduced to the cast of characters in Hallows Eve. Boy is carved wood time consuming! I was going to do a different frame for every character but I don't think thats likely! 

I've been doing a few concept pieces for Hallows Eve

This is the town sign

This is the town sign

Fly by Night

and this is a concept of how the postal service works there.


World building is a lot of fun but totally time consuming. I'm super stoked about my art being at Comic Con, Fly By Night will be in the art show and I hope he find a good home!

San Dieo Comic Con Preview 2

One hand accented OOAK print of Kitsune will also be hanging in the San Diego Comic con art show! I will also have of my favorite newer pieces Nutkin. The art show is in the Sails Pavilion in the Convention center.


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