Basket goals!

Basket goals!

As Easter rapidly approaches I wanted to let you all know we are shipping orders every day to accommodate anyone with a deadline. That being said please order ASAP if something simply must make it into a basket this year. 

‘We have plenty of plush and an all bean basket is super cute! 

Another cute idea is to hide enamel pins in plastic eggs for an exciting Easter hunt prize.  Our bunny moon pin is perfect for Easter and glows in the dark  

mix and match items for a basket that is unique colorful and fun  candy is dandy but sometimes due to allergies or restrictions that isn’t always a go to for parents  hiding small prizes and stickers in eggs is fun, inexpensive and won’t melt in the sun  

‘We hope your Easter is dandy, with or without candy. Have a magical weekend! 

Unicorn kisses,

Ash Evans 

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