March 17th Custard launches on Kickstarter!

March 17th Custard launches on Kickstarter!

Custard's time on Kickstarter is about to begin. Starting at noon March 17th our first Cottage Critters plush will be available for pre order. Kickstarter is ALL or NOTHING and so we either need to get this done or we fail to launch. 

Let's take a look at the items available during the Kickstarter:

Custard yellow cat plush with green bow

There will be early bird pricing of 25.00 on the first day of the project. 28.00 regular price. This is a ultra soft premium plush with fine lace details, embroidery and hand applied blushing. Did you know you need a 3 year minim experience in toy assembly to even begin blushing? Super cool. 

Custard tail bow plush photo

Custard is our first Cottage Critters plush. She lives in Acorn Hollow and runs a baker called the Flour Shop. We wanted to do a line of themed products that compliment the plush.

We also have:

wooden baker cat pins

12.00 each

A croissant coin purse 15.00 each. 

custard vinyl sticker

Vinyl stickers 5.00 each

Custard Chenielle plush

Chenille patch 9.00


We have stretch goals too! If you want a reminder on launch day please sign up here: Custard time!

If time permits I will be live launching this project on pop shop live!

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