New Halloween pin Kickstarter

New Halloween pin Kickstarter

Today at noon EST we are launching our Halloween enamel pin Kickstarter! It will run for 15 days and you can join in at any point during the project.

Kickstarter is a crowd funding source where creators like me can raise money and bring new products into the world with a  little help from people like you. It has been really helpful to artists and creators like be because we can get items made we couldn't on our own AND it offsets some of the crazy amounts of inventory that comes into our houses/studios. It is all or nothing meaning we raise everything we need or we don't get anything so early support is always helpful. You do need an account with them but you are NOT charged at all until the project ends. You can also adjust your pledge up or down at any time during the 15 days our project is live so if you want to add pins its super simple. 

We have four designs we are currently working toward but if we fund those quickly I have a bunch more!!

spooky cat enamel pin glows in the dark


Belfrey bat enamel pin

Jack pumpkin head enamel pin

Hiss jointed cat pin


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