Shopping small means the most this year.

Shopping small means the most this year.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all strenuously support shopping small businesses this year. Even something small it has a big impact on independent artists and retailers  like me. I wanted to take a moment and share with you what your orders can mean to me this holiday season. Sometimes knowing the way you enter our homes this holiday season helps you better understand what it means to us when an order comes in.

I know it’s very easy and cheap to shop on Amazon. It’s fast, it’s convenient. I get it.  I can guarantee you they do NOT care if you give them 15.00 this Christmas. What 15.00 is to me? It’s getting coffee and croissants with my husband from our favorite local bakery and holding hands while we holiday shop. It’s ingredients for holiday cookies. It’s the smell of home and joy of time spent together.

A five dollar sticker is a great stocking stuffer for your friend and gets Freyja a  new catnip toy. A 20.00 purchase is a fresh wreath on our door from our local business that was hand crafted by the owners mom.

75.00 is a live tree in our living room that our family will gather around, the cats will hide under, we photograph and remember for years to come. Bought locally from a small business benefiting the local volunteer fire fighters. Its presents under the tree. Its sleeping though the night because bills are paid. It’s sure turn the heat up it is chilly in here instead of put on another sweater.

Your order will ripple through our community and come into our homes and hearths this year. Please think of that and how you can make or break a small business this year with your retail choices.

Every dollar buys me time. Time to rest, time to create and time to keep us above water. It hasn’t been an easy or lucrative year by any means but all of you have bought us a little more time.

So if you can, please do shop small this year. The big guys don’t need your money but we sure do.


A joyous holiday season to you all and may we all earn a little more time..


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