The little kitty who can

The little kitty who can

Hi Everyone, 

Time is just flying by and my Kickstarter will be over before we all know it. It had a few stalls but with the help of some very generous friends who shared my project we are creeping ever closer to the end goal. I'm 2.00 away from 75% funded and I think if things continue to progress we will reach full funding in time. 

This project means so much to me, Fortuna was the first character I ever designed and I love him so much. Too much, I've turned down two projects featuring him because I didn't like the direction they wanted to take him. He feels like he's my kitty and I just want him to be out there and loved so much. He's a piece of me and failing with him is going to sting so I need to just keep pushing. I was so nervous about this project but everyone has been so great I hope we get what we need to make him a go!

We are starting to prep for MegaCon in Orlando Florida later this month. Johnnie as we speak, is in my basemen assembling some new show fixtures so we can see what they are like and how long they take to put together. I am SO excited for this show. We haven't been there in 8 years and are right in Mickey's back yard. I love Disney so much we might have to take a day there if we do well. 

Check out my project if you haven't. Even a dollar helps:

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