As an artist I am available for hire for selected commissions and projects. I'm available for illustration work for publishers as well as product and concept design for manufacturers. All inquiries regarding commissions should be directed to Ash herself via the contact form on the website. 



  • take private commissions.
  • do spec work. 
  • work for hire. 
  • work for no pay. 
  • barter.
  • work for "credit". (Please note that "credit" is not a payment. It is a standard requirement of an illustration job.)
  • work for promised royalties on self published works.



 Ultimately what it comes down to is that I am an artist that likes to work on my own ideas. When I work with manufacturers they are hiring me for my ideas, and my style and they give me guidelines and parameters, but the idea is mine. With a private commission, it's just too personal to the client. The idea I'm executing is theirs and that just doesn't hold any interest for me personally. Also the majority of my commissions were pet portraits and 99% of them memorial portraits. The pressures and emotions associated with painting a deceased loved one as well as handling emotional clients began to take its tole on me. I was honored to be chosen to do something so personal but I was putting myself through something heart wrenching for weeks at a time. I just can't do it anymore.  It's nothing against the concept of private commissions or artists who do them. It's simply that I recognize that as an artist, it is just not for me. Thanks for understanding.