San Deigo Comic Con Booth 4816

San Deigo Comic Con Booth 4816

Hi Everyone, 

We are headed out to San Diego comic con and will be there for the rest of the week. I will be there every day starting preview night on Wednesday through close of the show on Sunday. We brought a TON of stuff but some of it is in limited quantities. I'm from the East Coast and everything has to be freighted to the show which is super expensive. 

I am located in the artist and illustrator area booth number 4816

I suggest if you want anything specific you make us one of your earlier show stops. 

We have 100 LE SDCC exclusive pins. They are numbered on their backing card and will be offered on a first come first served basis. We do not have a limit on how many you can purchase. Last year we sold out on Saturday. 

We have FIVE of our original Mewnicorn plush and will put one out every day whomever gets to it first and purchases it gets it. We found some in a box and thought we would bring them along. 

We have a limited number of our Macaron unicorn plush. We only have 140 total 

I've got cosmetics bags and pencil cases which are super limited too.

We do have plenty of pins, stickers, kitty beans plush and Stormy plush. We also have plenty of prints!!

We will be updating daily on social media on quantities so you know if we are running low on anything. We will have a big update and some announcements when we come back too. 

If you are placing an order on the website we will be processing them next week. 

Thanks all and see you soon!

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