Store Policies

Returns and Exchanges:

Due to pandemic related health and safety concerns we do not accept returns or exchanges of any product merchandise. Any returned item would have to be destroyed. 

Toy Safety: Toy safety protocols prohibit us from reselling/donating returned toys. We simply can't have returns to ensure the health and safety of all of our customers.

Items from other shops and manufacturers: We do license artwork and distribute products to other shops and companies. Please be advised problems with purchases from other sellers are to be handled with that seller. Our policy is once it leaves our warehouse and the shop has marked it as suitable we are no longer responsible for its condition.

Where we ship:

Currently we only ship to the USA and Canada. Other countries taxation requirements make it impossible for our small business to gather and report that information and it simply isn't cost effective at this time. We do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. 

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship to correctional buildings. They refuse the packages ALWAYS.

When we ship:

Orders are shipped three days a week. Depending on the complexity of the order it may take 5-7 business days to process and ship your order. Please note holidays and high volume times could extend that wait time. If you need to contact us regarding an order please make sure you include your name AND order number when making an inquiry. 

WRONG ADDRESS: Please double check your address! If your order is returned, because of issuing an incorrect mailing address, there will be additional shipping charges to re-ship your order. If you do not wish to re-ship your order, your original payment method will be issued a refund for the amount of the items minus actual shipping cost (packaging + postage) which is higher than what you initially paid. 

Damages and Theft:

We are not responsible for stolen items. Please report parcel theft to the shipper and local authorities. We have the right to refuse shipment of items to an address with several known issues.

Please use your tracking number to keep an eye on your parcels. We are not responsible for lost packages. Please contact the shipper for assistance for the location of your item. This is the most expedient way to locate a lost parcel or if needed, issue compensation. If you need help with this process please contact us.

If your item arrives damaged we are happy to help guide you through the process of reporting to the shipper and work on getting you a replacement.  You must report item damage to us within seven days of delivery of the parcel. Due to policy changes with USPS and UPS we cannot file those claims for you. USPS is now requiring in some situations, IN PERSON inspections of the damaged items AND the packaging. Please retain all packing and broken items until your issue is resolved. Please note these requirements are issued by the shippers and have nothing to do with our internal policies.

We are not responsible for replacing items that are worn over time or break from misuse. 

Refusal of services:

Unfortunately, due to a damaging amount of fraudulent and delinquent charges, pledges and purchases, We are going to have to make some policy changes. This applies to Kickstarter, the website and Etsy.

The Jerk Clause:
We are not obligated to tolerate harassment, rudeness, hate speech, or abuse from ANY customer at any time. This policy extends to our customer service emails, social media platforms, crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, POD sites, public appearances or live steaming shows. We have the right to cancel your order at any time for any reason. Unshipped cancelled orders will be refunded, and the customer will not be welcomed back to shop with us. For orders already shipped, this customer will not be permitted another order. Any customer attempting to place orders after enacting this clause will have all future orders immediately cancelled with us in all perpetuity. 
For Kickstarter: Any backer who does not pay and does not bother to contact me will be unwelcome back to any future projects.
Any backer asking for a refund post project will not be welcome back to any future project. If your item arrives damaged it will be replaced after appropriate filings with the shipping service. You must report an issue within 7 days of delivery of a reward. We are not responsible for replacing items that are worn over time or break from misuse
Fraudulent Chargebacks:
Any person filing chargebacks on the website, Etsy or Kickstarter (which is fraud and is legally actionable) will not be welcomed to shop with us anywhere again. We will pursue it with our bank. All future orders/pledges placed by those individuals will be immediately canceled. I live off of my money and feed my family with my sales. People would never do this do a big business and its unacceptable to attempt it with a small one. My time is valuable and the above actions denote a tremendous lack of respect for me.




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