Save the date!

Save the date!

We are launching our latest creation on Kickstarter in a month! Our newest series called Cottage critters featuring our newest cottage core friends.

We have so many to share with you but firstly meet our new beautiful kitty!

Meet Custard! She runs the bakery in the town of Acorn Hollow where many of the cottage critters live. 

These plush are made of the finest synthetic fur we have ever used! They are premium in every way from the hand applied blush to the lace trim on her collar. She even has a bow on her tail! 

We hope we can bring her, and many more of her friends to life over the coming months and need your help. On July 21st we will be launching our project for Custard. Please if you haven't already sign up for our mailing list and keep an eye out for updates.

We so want to share all the residents of Acorn Hollow with you and you will be meeting more of them soon.

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