ITA bag is live and FULLY Funded. Pre order now!

ITA bag is live and FULLY Funded. Pre order now!

Hi Everyone,

Our ITA bag went live at 3pm EST and was fully funded a few hours later. You can pre order your bag on Kickstarter now!

We are now working toward some stretch goal enamel pins. These are all brand new Halloween pins for this year. The theme is Halloween parade. 

The first pin is already unlocked!


We have several other designs to unlock so be sure to keep an eye out and stay tuned. Our project runs until August 18th and you have until then to make any pledge adjustments. Shipping is not included and will be collected after the project ends via Backer Kit. We did this to save you money instead of a one size fits all shipping rate that Kickstarter would then pilfer some of the funds from. 

We have our next stretch goal on the horizon. 

Thanks to all who have supported us and just an FYI our Early Bird price saves you 10.00 and it ends at 9am EST tomorrow. 

Have a magical day!

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